Farewell to Neal Peart

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Rush in Concert Photo by Enrico Frangi, released to public domain

Neal Peart, the renowned drummer and lyricist of the band Rush, transitioned from this plane on January 6. Neal was also a prolific author, motorcycle enthusiast, father, husband, and an advocate of the power of the individual. Best known as the drummer and lyricist of the band Neal is widely recognized as one of the world’s top drummers and was a life long student of his art. Bucking the rock star stereotype, he was also known to be an all around nice guy.

I first encountered Rush in my late teens, and was greatly influenced by the virtuosity of their recordings and performances. The rythmatic complexity of much of the bands music was only successful with a talent like Peart on the drums. The lyrics he composed were often thought provoking and a departure from the nonsensical gibberish that proliferates most popular music.

Neal was still a young man who left us far too soon in life. The world is a better place because he was here, and the body of work he left with us will entertain and inspire as long as people love great musicianship. I add my condolences to his family and former band mates to many others appearing today. RIP Neal.