A REAL cancer cure hiding in plain sight?

Researchers at Cardiff University that were in the midst of analyzing blood from a bank accidentally stumbled into an “entirely new type of T-cell”, according to The Daily Wire. The new cell carries a “never before seen” type of receptor that acts like a grappling hook, latching on to most human cancers.

Zero Hedge

I have lost multiple friends and family members to cancer. I have seen the dreadful suffering it can cause, and the horror of conventional treatment. To my benefit, it has motivated me to make radical lifestyle changes in the hopes of avoiding a similar fate.

In many cases the so called cures for cancer offered by the medical and pharmaceutical establishment are more toxic and painful than the disease itself. In fact, most of the current treatments are known to causes of cancer. These treatments frequently lead to a more horrific end than the disease itself. Never the less, established cancer treatment is a multi billion dollar industry that defends its monopoly with great vigor and cruelty.

Hardly a year passes when I do not read of new discoveries that have the potential to cure certain cancers without toxic, chemicals, radiation or surgery that can cause or encourage the spread of cancer. And very rarely is anything more heard of these new discoveries. While some results achieved by research will always prove to be flawed, it’s not hard to imagine many new discoveries are discredited or buried by the established industry that they could easily disrupt.